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Sowerby pattern 1852 opalescent uranium glass swan.

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I come across this thread so thought Iíd ad these as i believe they are the Sowerby Swans (small and unmarked) dad also has a clear one. Regards Mike

These Opalescent green ones do not glow.

flying free:
there is a good line drawing of the swan here. Yours look the same as this line drawing I think:

Thanks Iíve not seen that page before, the Sowerby 1885 catalogue shows only some items were marked with a lozenge or peacock so itís not unusual for pieces from this period onwards not to be marked.

Mike, your small swans are in the 1892 catalogue page 38, pattern number 1852.5
Looks like they made a smaller version of pattern number 1852, as you say not unusual for them not to be marked at this date.
I have a few marked pieces in the same green stained, opalescent, Blanc de Lait glass.

Thanks our frosted one is also unmarked, cheers Mike


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