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Anybody Know More About Bob Biniarz?

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Bill Vitez:
Hi All, I've collected the American Glass Artist Bob Biniarz for some time now. I have 18 of his works and have wanted to know more about the artist but cannot find anything except for a couple obscure references in a couple dated art glass reference books (coffee table books) to his early appearance on the art glass scene in the early 70's after having moved away from pottery as his medium. All the works I own are from the early to mid 70's.
Can anyone offer any more information?

He is listed on this site as a visiting artist in the 1970s...

Did you ever find more information on Biniarz? I have a piece that has his name on a piece of tape on the bottom and I know nothing about him, but it seems this piece might be one he did early on. I would love any info that you might be able to share with me. I am attaching a photo of my piece.

I've got a copy of "American Studio Glass 1969-1990" by Martha Drexler Lynne, (2004) but there is no mention of this name in the index.
However, the index is completely lousy, I haven't finished rewriting it yet, I got fed up.
I found the book to be more of an academic treatise than one of genuine information.

Do you know where he worked or who with?
Can you give me anything I could look up?  Something near or related might help me a bit. :)

He is mentioned on the CMOG website here:

More examples of his work in the links below:

A mention of him in a topic here too post #20
and another example of his work in this magazine from 1971 (page 124)


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