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Pirelli Glass (London Lampworkers Book 2) by Angela Bowey

The Pirelli Glass book is getting 5-star reviews on Amazon from buyers...  Angela is thrilled that readers love it and are finding it so useful.

5.0 out of 5 stars  128 pages of sheer delight for not only the avid collector of lamp-worked glass ...
By Amazon Customer on 27 Jun. 2016
Format: Paperback

128 pages of sheer delight for not only the avid collector of lamp-worked glass animals & figures but also for glass paperweight collectors. Over 300 color photos and descriptive text cover almost every item from the 1959 catalog together with twenty six additional items from the 1976 catalog. Price lists from the catalogs are provided, adding to the collector interest.

Facts and myths have been confirmed or denied by two of the workers and general information has been expanded through contact with collectors etc. from around the world. The fascinating connections between the north London based Pirelli company and the Scottish Vasart art glass company are now made clear. Written in a relaxed style and with a focus on the human side of enterprise, this fully indexed book is a joy to read cover to cover or simply as a "dip-in" reference source. 5.0 out of 5 stars

5.0 out of 5 stars It is such an amazing reference guide to Pirelli glass animals and there is ... 31 Aug. 2016
By Maxine - Published on
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This book is an absolute treasure! I found it on eBay when searching for Pirelli glass animals. I had no idea there were any books about lampwork glass animals. I immediately went to Amazon where I could see some of the pictures inside the book. I was so excited to see the pictures and ordered it immediately. I have been collecting miniature glass animals for 55 years and I could hardly wait for the book to arrive. I immediately read it cover to cover. It is such an amazing reference guide to Pirelli glass animals and there is also a lot of information about how these animals are made. I have looked at the book dozens and dozens of times since I purchased it. It is now helping me in my collecting and I found out that I already had 4 Pirelli animal among the 1,600 animals in my collection. There are now even more. I wish there was a book like this concerning glass animals from many different countries and time periods.

The information in this book is priceless. The quality of the research is superb. The information provided is both interesting and useful. The color photographs of the highest quality. There are color pictures of almost all the animals Pirelli made with many of them shown in all their different forms and sizes.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you have any interest in glass, paperweights or glass animals you will love this book!!!

Angela B:
Thank you Anne for this review. When I work on a book, researching documents, interviewing glassworkers, collecting photographs,  - I always have in my mind an image of people reading the book and enjoying it. This book on Pirelli Glass has taken over a decade to research and write, so I am over the moon to receive these reviews. I worked hard to make the book as good as I could, and it is a dream come true to read what reviewers have written. Thank you for liking our book.

I very much enjoyed this Pirelli Glass book. There is so much information about the company, along with anecdotes about the people who worked there which came from the workers' own memories. There is a lot of detail about the glass animals and other glassware that they made, plus the bonus of the catalogue pages with super photos at the back. The book also covers the Pirelli transfer printed designs such as Babycham glasses, tumblers and other barware. It is a really good addition to any glass collector's reference library, and essential if you collect lampwork animals and figures - so you know what is and isn't Pirelli. If it ain't in the book it ain't Pirelli!

Hi Angela, am I able to purchase this as a downloadable file?, pdf etc, but not Kindle, cheers Wolfie

Angela B:
Hi Wolfie,
The downloadable file of the Pirelli Book is at present only available as a kindle title. I'm sorry about that. I did get some printed in New Zealand because someone told me they didn't want to buy from Amazon. So if you want a non-Amazon hard copy I can supply it. The price is GBP 19.50 including postage and anyone who wants one can pay with paypal. 
I hope you do get one and enjoy reading it. Please contact me for details.
Very best wishes


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