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ID = US Glass No. 15,140 Athenia


   can anybody shed any light on these two items?
They both have the same mark on the underneath, i have included pictures of both items and the mark at the following http.
I have done some checking on the net and believe they are made by the US glass company, anybody know anything about this company?

Thanks for the info Sid, the wife is now a happy wife

This pattern is US Glass No. 15,140 Athenia also called Panelled 44 or Reverse 44 by the collectors.  Introduced c1912.  

This looks like a creamer and sugar but the double handled piece might be a spoonholder.  They appear to be gilded with a 'maiden's blush" or pink stain.

The pattern has four different types of creamers and sugars and I don't which you have.  They all list in the range of $25 to $40 dependent upon size.  The decoration would add something in the range of 75% to the value.  As always, condition is critical and as is finding a willing buyer.


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