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Etling catalogue - is it out there?

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I was quite excited by a quote here:

--- Quote has the 1930 original catalogue from Etling
--- End quote ---

Of course I went to the site, but it is not working very well. For example, the contact link is not functioning. I have been searching for an Etling catalogue without success for years. Can it be true? Does one exist?


The sub-pages don't seem to work - but contact information is also on the start page, right hand side, possibly scroll down a bit - and this works.

Sub-pages can still be viewed on the WayBackMachine - but there I cannot find any hint about a 1930 Etling catalogue: possibly they had one for sale some time ago ... and have sold it long ago? Best to send an email and ask.

I got in contact with the owner of "" more or less "by accident" - he actually got such an Etling catalogue, is just not really interested in selling it, as he collects catalogues himself ... but if you make an offer, he can't resist ::). If you send me your mail address (click on the envelope on the left hand side) I'll forward his mail to you. Possibly you can discuss getting a copy(?).

Thank you Wolf. This is great news. I have sent an email to you as requested.

Anne Tique:
Any news yet about the catalogue?

I came across this article on the french on-line library and thought it might interest you, in the meantime. It's a sort of   'Home &Garden' from 1932 and there are about 20 pieces illustrated. Unfortunately the text is in french of course, but it talks about the design of glass ornaments and their designers and design in general from this period, but not much more.

No copyright mentioned.


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