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Etling catalogue - is it out there?

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The search for an Etling catalogue is turning out to be an extremely slow burner. I now have a picture of the front cover of the 1930 catalogue, but I can't share it here.  ::) The glacial progress on this is a bit exasperating. Nevertheless, this copy seems to be a third one, in addition to one in the USA and another in Germany that I had heard of previously.


At last! Here are two pictures from the 1930 catalogue. Even that single page from the catalogue has solved a mystery. The caravel is in the museum collection, but we didn't know the Choisy-le-roi catalogue number. Now we do. The catalogue is said to show 70 designs. I wonder what else is in there?

We also were sent scans of some Etling advertisements. We will add these to the project site asap on this page:



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