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Etling catalogue - is it out there?

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Anne Tique:
The last two pages, my apologies if they're not in the correct order.

Unfortunately no reply yet from the owner of the Etling catalogue. Thanks for the article from the French magazine. Most of these designs I have never seen before and thus fills a gap in my knowledge. But I have one of these pieces in the museum collection, the galleon illustrated on page 130.


I love this post!  :)  I have two of the vases pictured, together with other Etling pieces, however this also kind of answers my own post about Carrillo. It does seem that Etling, together with his own glass-workers and his entire family met their deaths during WWII in concentration camps, and his Salon in Paris, was also a casualty of Kristallnacht.  Sevres, retain several Etling moulds, although I doubt that they have them all, and also have reintroduced several Etling patterns over the years, but none of these have been attributed to Etling and are signed Sevres. Whether or not this out of courtesy one couldn't say, but it does perhaps bring the designs by Carrillo into the equation...

Oh, and BYW, I'm up for purchasing a copy of the catalogue too, if you can obtain a copy! Pleeeeze. ;)

There are currently a pair of the Swan Bookends in opalescent for sale on eBay, and the sailing ship is also interesting to me, as I have a very similar example as a lamp in deep smoky-grey signed by d'avesn, who also used the facilities at Choicy-le-Roi as well as Sevres. 

Some of the Etling moulds ended up at Sabino too, but I've no idea of the history there (i.e. whether Sabino were producing for Etling pre-war, or if they acquired them after the closure of Etling's store).  No idea about Carillo -- the only catalogue I've seen is the Luminax one that's been on the web for a while.

As an update to the catalogue situation. It definitely exists  :o I have been in contact with the owner and various options are being discussed. I can't say more at this juncture, except that it is an original 1930 Etling catalogue with illustrations of 70+ objects, vases, etc.


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