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published: some old-ish Swedish catalogues for download

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Today I published a catalogue for Svenska Kristallglasbruken (aka Kristallbolaget) of 1904.

Svenska Kristallglasbruken was formed as a sales organization for Kosta, Reijmyre, Eda, Alsterfors and Flöxhult, but (as I understand it) they soon got megalomania and started buying glassworks (and starting new ones) as if "everything was right with the world". Of course that did not last for ever, so by (around) 1930 they went bust.

(Probably, the has them to thank for a couple of interesting machines... but that is another story)

The catalogue from 1904 is the only one that I know of, and it cost me(us) a small fortune to get it digitized from Royal Library, so I hope you enjoy it!

It is (as usual) found at - after Kosta, before Kungelf (because Kristallglasbruken, or Kristallbolaget is (are?) the important words here... even if I do give them their full name)

Some more catalogues uploaded today.

I found some more catalogues and price lists from Kristallglasbruken some time ago (and this time I didn't have to pay for them) - the 1904 price list is huge, so it comes in 3 parts.
The there is a catalogue for "household and pressed glass" also from 1904, plus a price list.

Then there is a cat + price list for export, 1922.
(Pray, what is an "iceplate"? - I can't even guess...)

Lastly, a "Model book" from the (now defunct) public hotel and restaurant chain SARA.

As usual:

New catalogues from SEA and Strömbergshyttan.

Reorganisation: Kosta and Kosta Boda have got their own page (link from - and there is a link back, too) There are some new Kosta Boda publications as well.
I have several more price lists (w/o photos) not published, but can do that on request.
Asking for help: two of the new publications do not have a printing year: should any of you experts be able to help with year (or interval), please tell!

I have moved the files on the server, so if links seem dead: first reload the page. If that doesn't help, please contact me! (that goes for links from other pages, too - I *hope* I have fixed them all)

Today I have posted  14 (+2+1) catalogues and pricelists from Lindshammar. (Thank you, Benny!)

As we talked about in another thread, the sometimes occurring "s" at the end is a possessive - Lindshammar is the village, Lindshammars glasbruk is the glassworks of Lindshammar; Strömbergshyttan is the village, Strömbergshyttans glasbruk is the glassworks of Strömbergshyttan.

Not all names are constructed the same - thus Bergdala, Boda, Eda, (Elme was a glasworks situated in Älmhult), Kosta, Orrefors (possibly because it already ends with an s), Reimyre, SEA (not a place), Transjö, Åfors (possibly because it ends in s) are all glassworks that do not take as s.

As you all know, all our material has a CC BY SA license, so you are all welcome to it.
... but should you feel like it, you can now contribute via a PayPal donation button...

Catalogues to be found at , as always.


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