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Green Table Ornament circa 1960 ID: Chalet

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I am looking for the name of what this style of green table ornament would be called.  All I know is they came from the 1960 era.  I see from the FAQ I was supposed to take more than one picture - sorry this is all I have for now.  Here are a couple of links to the photo of the item (I tried posting the photo but it was too large).

Paul S.:
when I try to view the images I'm being told I need permission  -  why is this??           do the pix not belong to the op??

Google Drive is supposed to allow anyone to view the picture ... well that is the theory anyway...

Try this link:

Ah! I found the problem - the first set of gdrive links i had in my first post were for a specific person. 

These 2 ...should... work for anyone:

Paul S.:
thanks - all now o.k.

Regret this type of art glass/modernist style not my scene, but bearing in mind your location and the free form design do you think there is any chance this might be the States factory Tiffin?           In the fifties and early sixties they produced a line called 'Empress' which has some similarity in shape etc.  ..............  probably a long shot but worth mentioning.


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