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Peter Goss in 1979 / House of Bottles


Hi Group

I was Curious if anyone knew or had a reference about the number of peices Peter Goss signed and Numbered During 1979 at the house of glass in QLD?

I was Very Lucky to receive a Peice from this period and noticed that it is a Sequential Number to The Other Goss peice I have.

My New Vase is Signed "Peter Goss 79" "QLD No 331"

My Existing Vase (that I have posted before) is Signed
"Peter Goss 79" "QLD No 79"

Pictures Attached

Merry Xmas and New Year,



Perhaps he is contactable:

Oh God, is that too direct?

I don't know how many were made in that series (QLD 1979). You have Nos 79 and 331. I have also seen items in the same series and the same year numbered 114, 134, 261 and 461. So I guess the answer is at least 461. They are in any case not particularly rare.

I have also seen a couple of items from 1979 without the legend QLD and without a serial number. There is one shown in the earlier discussion about Peter Goss to which you were referred previously:,42578.msg263833.html#msg263833



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