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Irridescent Pulled Feather Vase...Unknown maker. ID = Robert Held, Canada

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Can anyone help ID the maker of this vase? It does bear the remains of a label...can't make out

Many thanks,

Paul S.:
I could be very wrong, but just could be that I'm seeing MADE IN CANADA in the center of the label.           The bottom word might possibly be ALTAGLASS  -  think they are/were in Canada. :)

Anne Tique:
I think it's says Robert Held.

Example of the same label in the link.

 :) I think you are absolutely correct, Anne.
I was struggling to try to work it out, but now you've mentioned the name, it fits perfectly with what I see and the label you showed... and the glass itself looks good enough. He is well-known and a big name, isn't he?  :)

Paul S.:
well, I got the right country. ;D             Well done Anne.


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