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Is this real Val St Lambert? ID = VSL

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I was wondering if these objects are real Val St Lambert. It's from our grandparents who already died.
They always said it was real, but I don't see any signature and they didn't left no certificat.

the measurements are:

hoogte: 5 cm
Diameter bovenaan: 10 cm

Can anyone help me?

Anne Tique:
Hallo Meld en welkom,

Yes your bowls are made by VSL, listed in the 1908 catalogue as 'Rince-Bouche' or a bowl to rinse your mouth at the dinner table.

I've always wondered though, if you're having dinner and decide to do this with the contents of the bowl, water i presume ...then what? Imagine yourself being invited and ending up with your mouth full of water  :D ... I guess we all know what question's coming next  :-[

I can see them being used as finger bowls too and it's perfectly normal that they're not signed, I would actually have doubts if they were signed because that would mean somebody added a signature.

Below the image of the 1908 catalogue.

Hi Anne,

Many thanks for your reply, it is very helpful and interesting.

How much is it worth you think?

We also have a bigger salad bowl. (see picture)

Is it from the same collection?

Anne Tique:
I guess the salad bowl, model number 1402, is more recent but I can't find it that quickly ... I'll have a look.

Estimations are not given here, but if you have a look on the net you should be able to get an idea, don't get your hopes up though (verwacht niet teveel).

Anne Tique:
Your bowl is actually older than I thought, model 1402 design HF996 - Hubert Fouarge for the 1930 catalogue. Again, perfectly acceptable that it isn't signed, if it was, it should have the little round acid mark for this period. Hope this all helps.


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