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Sharing our find - Massive Unica piece, A.D. Copier


For once I get to share a piece where we know exactly what it is  ;D

 Leerdam Unica vase by A.D. Copier. I'm unsure of what the color would be called, but it's kind of a pale mauve at the base, with a deeper color towards the top. 17" tall, 8" wide at the shoulder (widest part) and 6.5" wide front to back.

Found in a consignment shop in the Southwestern USA, with dusty fake flowers in it. We were happy to bring this home!

 :) Never forget to look underneath the dusty fake flowers.
Well done. What a thrill it must have been to find this! 8)

Totally thrilled to pieces!  Yes, and don't forget the grungy stacks of dusty plates either, Lalique plates often hide in those.


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