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Glass mark ID help on blue bowl


I have looked online, in all my glass books, and I can not find this mark or this bowl anywhere. The mark is a star with what looks like a champagne glass in the center. It is embossed on the inside bottom of the bowl.
Thank you,

Hi Caroline

I have the same one in green that I picked up some years ago as it reminded me of the Berlin bowl ( trusting to memory but will confirm ) made by Walther and Sohne. Mine also has the same mark but the Walther cloud glass ones that I have looked at do not.
I am sure I have made a note somewhere of who the manufacturer was.I'll have a rummage around in the chaos that is my files and get back to you asap.



Thank you Gareth!

This is great to find someone that actually has the same bowl! As I mentioned, I have looked and looked for information and have inquired around with no luck at all. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me, I was beginning to lose hope!

Thank you again,

Hi again Caroline

Check out ( no pun intended ) this link...

it does give further details etc but to date as far as I know it has not identified the manufacturer. It is a very large site so there may well be added details that I have not yet seen.
Apart from that...have a good wander around excellent reference site.
If you do find out the name before I do can you please post it on here .



Thanks again Gareth!

After I read your post this morning, I did some searching and came across that website, but I didn't have time to really go through it thoroughly, so I didn't find the article you did.  It is nice to actually find and see the mark somewhere! It does refer to it as being Czech, so I have a lot more to go on now. My German is not so good (basically, nil!), but I think I can interpret enough to get some information.
It is an excellent site, and I now have the time to really go through it.
As soon as I find anything out, I will post here asap.

Thank you again, you have been a huge help!


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