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The New Mdina Glass Book

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The photos are all titled as you would expect in a scientific journal and there is a reference page that mentions a few sources, not many though. Mark Hillís book is referenced though thereís information that goes completely against what Mark says so who knows.

Sue, did your replacement book arrive?


yes. It's here.
The front dust cover has got its typeset in the title wrongly spaced - the c and y of Legacy are squidged up, almost on top of each other. The Y should have been shifted one mm to the right, so that it lines up with the end of the word Glass under it and isn't on top of the C.
That's as far as I have got.  ;D

There is no spacing on the letters in Legacy. If you look closely, the other fat letters only don't clash because of the inny and outy bits - otherwise they would. It is poor typesetting.

I've had a ruler and set square out and measured - if the y was moved 1mm to the right, it would line up properly with the end of the word Glass on the next line down and there would be a space introduced between the letters.
 :-[ I haven't used any form of typesetting since playing with my little rubber "john bull" set when I was about 6. I'm not familiar with the modern methods you use, your editorialshipness ;D


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