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The Etling Project / Projet Etling

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Isle of Wight Museum of Glass recently started a project to catalogue the glass produced for Edmond Laurent Etling in the 1920s and 1930s.

The project site is here:

The site is entirely bilingual, in English and French.

To read more, please go to

Hi Everyone,

We are making good progress on the Etling catalogue. In about two weeks we have added 72 pieces to the catalogue listing (60 by Choisy-le-roi catalogue number and 12 in the unnumbered listing) and 41 pieces have been illustrated with nice pictures. My collaborator has added a couple of articles on glass colours and moulds used by the Choisy-le-roi glass works.

I hope you find it useful.


I have just checked how we are getting on. As of today we have 80 items in the numbered list (49 illustrated) and 16 in the unnumbered list (15 illustrated). I guess we are approaching only about a quarter of the way to listing all the designs, if we ever get there. Getting good pictures is quite a challenge. We welcome contributions. Thank you.


Just thought I would give an update on progress with the Etling cataloging project. As of today we have 99 items in the numbered list (75 illustrated) and 33 in the unnumbered list (32 illustrated). Therefore, overall we now have 132 designs added to the catalogue. Perhaps that represents about one third of all known designs.

The museum just added this beauty to the collection: It must be very rare. I have only seen it once before, in Philippe Decelle's book on opalescent glass.


I just checked how we are getting on with the catalogue at

With CLR catalogue number: 104 designs listed, with 81 illustrated.
Without CLR catalogue number: 34 designs listed, with 33 illustrated.
Overall: 138 designs listed, with 114 illustrated.

As you will see by comparing the numbers from my previous report in June, the rate of growth of the catalogue has slowed down in recent months. Perhaps that is a reflection that relatively few pieces were made of most designs and/or few are coming on to the market.

Some recent purchases for the museum: this decanter with five accompanying glasses (a rare survivor, but presumably originally with six glasses); this dish; and swan tray



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