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I have just done another count: 163 designs listed so far, with only 11 without pictures. That's another 25 designs since the previous report.

Here is the breakdown: 113 designs with known Choisy-le-roi catalogue numbers, 104 with pictures; and 50 designs without known catalogue numbers (20 vases, 6 bowls, 1 pot, 5 small figurines, 7 sculptures, 1 lamp, 10 other), 48 with pictures.

I am pleased that we are also making progress with the documentation section.

As always, if anyone has information to fill the gaps in knowledge we would be most grateful.


To make it easier to follow what has changed on the Etling site we have added a change log at

Additionally, we have added  a statistics page at

We hope these pages are useful.

We've just reached a notable milestone today with over 200 designs now in the Etling catalogue. We currently list 140 designs with a known Choisy-le-roi catalogue number and 61 more with no known catalogue number. All are illustrated except 9.

We are working on transferring the current working site at to a more suitable web address: We have also registered We hope to have the new sites up and running sometime in 2023.


This is a fascinating project Anton, thank you for the progress update. It's super to see so many photos illustrating these pieces.

I am pleased to announce that IOW Glass Museum received a substantial grant from the Glass Society in June 2023 to progress the Etling project over the next two years. The cataloguing effort continues, but the focus from here on will be on finding out more about the company and its associated people. There is relatively little known for certain. We aim to uncover archival material that perhaps is located at Bibliothèque nationale de France and other such libraries and archives. Some is available via the online catalogue of BnF. I will keep you posted on progress. An article for Glass Matters is in preparation.



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