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I am new to glass collecting and have an opportunity to purchase this item. Does it appear to be an actual Colin Heaney vase? And if so what would it be worth?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Yes, from Colin Heaney’s studio to his general design. But in this case it is unlikely to be made by his own hand.

We don’t make valuations here because there are too many variables. You don’t give any indication of its size, which is one of the variables to consider when you compare it with other sales outcomes you find on eBay or elsewhere. I suspect you might buy lunch with the proceeds, but only on the lower side of the street.


Hi Trevor,

I realized after I posted the question that I did not put the size and I could not figure out how to edit it.....   ::)

Anyway’s, it is 4” tall. The price they are asking is $45.00.

Thank you!!



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