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Feigl & Morawetz Libochovice no. 1917 w/ unknown Brass

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Hello, have a look:

I think I've identified this piece as a Feigl & Morawetz Libochovice no. 1917, thanks in part to old posts on this forum. However I don't have access to Marcus Newhall's book so I'm wondering if anyone who does can tell me when it was made or anything else about it. The brass(?) is somewhat of a mystery as well because it's not present on any other pictures of this vase that I've found.

Thanks in advance.


I've seen similar brass collars and feet on both Libochovice and Reich pieces sold in the US. I've often suspected that they were added by an importer/ retailer as we don't tend to see them in Europe.

It can be hard to date Czech glass of this type as many patterns appear to have been in production for a long time.  The vase is shown in the pre- 1958 catalogue so was certainly in production in the 1950s. It seems many people date this design to the late thirties (understandable based on style and technique), but I don't recall any hard evidence for when the design was introduced.


flying free:
Resurrecting this discussion as trying to find out something about another vase.

I'm  just wondering if the fact the piece is mold marked Czechoslovakia and also Tchécoslovaquie on the base has any bearing on the date it might have been made?


I haven't seen this thread before - but I can't help noticing that the brass sections are not nicely in tune with the design of vase itself. It's some sort of forced marriage. I do not think the brass could possibly be original.

I’d tend to agree it’s a forced marriage, but I think from the number that I’ve seen (all in the US) that this was done by the importer or retailer when the vases were new. I’ve also seen similar metal mounts on some S. Reich pieces. There’s an example here, but I think in this case the mounts look better and the handles tend to complement the design somewhat:,60270.msg340088.html#msg340088


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