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Is this a SKLO Vladislaf Urban jar?


Hi, first post here after searching high and low using endless combinations of search terms.
My late grandmother once had the small glass pot included in this post. Image taken from search for 'Knobbly glass pen pot'
Unfortunately, when my family cleared her house after she died, items like this most likely wound up in a house clearance business and was never to be seen again. I don't care if I can't have the original one that my grandmother owned, I'll settle for another.
After much digging around, it seems that some people list this as a Vladislaf Urban design (Though the SKLO Union web site doesn't show the item), I've also seen similar pots listed as  Japanese glassware, I don't remember the name but I don't think it was the correct identification. Can anyone here help clear up the mystery please? Thanks.

Welcome to the message board.

They were made in Japan, pretty sure the information is somewhere here on the GMB. They crop up in different coloured glass as well as clear glass with stained colour like yours.


Hi John, thanks for responding. I'll have a delve into the boards and see If I can find something Japanese specific :)

Bond Ware, Japan. A search of the board will bring up other topics but few have surviving photos as they were externally hosted images.  I'm adding a pic of a green one I spotted out and about.

Thank you Anne, I did not find any of the old topics when I looked, my search did not include "bond".


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