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Is this a Viking Swan dish...?

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Another recent acquisition which I think is lovely... am I right in thinking this is a Viking Glass swan? Could anyone confirm for me please? Thanks in hope!

If no one here can help with the swan, I'd suggest posting it on the ebay glass discussion board:

One of the things they are good for is identifying the work of various American manufacturers such as Viking.

The suggestion was it may be Duncan and Miller rather than Viking.  Looks like I'm adding the D&M book to my shopping list as well! :)

Anne -

I don't think your swan is Duncan/Duncan Miller.  I saw it the first time you posted and compared the head. The shape of the head is off, also the edge treatment.

I am out of town and don't have access to my reference books or I would post a picture of the head  :(

IMHO It looks more like the recent pieces made a China that you can find in the discount houses in the US.

as greyhorse said  most prob made in china, i see alot of these in charity shops and carboot sale's, am i right in thinking it's only about 4" long


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