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VSL: Is this a design by Charles Graffart?


I would love to know the model name and year it was made

I'm also curious which books or catalogues members recommend to identify these charles graffart vases

Thanks a lot

Marc van der Heijden
The netherlands

Anne Tique:
Hello Marc,

Your vase is the model Fontenay, indeed a design from Graffart, registered as CG479 and it's illustrated in the 1947 catalogue. I'm not sure how long it was in production for but they made a lot of them, and it doesn't appear in the 50's anymore, in my opinion the blue ones, especially petrol-bleu, and Chinese green are the nicest.

The most complete book for Graffart designs is the reedition of the catalogues 1951-1975, its cover is orange and you can buy a new one for 40 on Ebay.

Hope this helps....

Many thanks Anne.
I will surely by the catalogue


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