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whose signature? Raro Tim CIS? - ID = Rarotonga, Cook Islands

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I've attached pics of the item - 14cm tall pink jug.  And also of the signature on the base.  It is Australian and I think it is dated 98.  I've searched many different combinations of the name but nothing came up.  Can anyone assist?   Thank you.

What you have there is a rare, but not necessarily valuable, piece of Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Glass. You can see Raro and Cook Is, as well as possibly Tim or Kim. I thought I had written this up on my newzealandglass blog, but it seems I mentioned it only in passing:

In 1997, Keith Mahy and others (Garry Nash, Shona Firman ...) developed the Beachcomber Glass Studio in Rarotonga, followed in 1999 by a training course there for young potential Rarotongan glass artists.

I have two pieces, one signed by Garry, and one by Apii Rangi  - I will write a blog later today.

Thank you Stuart.  Thatís wonderful.  And apologies for the red herring, saying it was Australian.  It was a gift from my parents and yes they have been to the Cook Islands.  Puzzle solved.  Very grateful. Jane

Jane, may I use your photos (attributed, of course) in my Blog?

yes of course.  Actually can I email you better ones, and in higher resolution?  My email is jane AT kanga1 DOT com DOT au If you email me there then I'll reply with other pics.  j

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