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Iridescent dolphin plaque/tile. ID = Colin Heaney, Australia

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Anne E.B.:
Oooh its lovely!  Thanks or that ;)
I've got mine displayed flat on a shelf of assorted glass, which isn't really the best way to view it or for the iridescence to show.  I wouldn't want to chance putting it on a wall and I'm not too sure how that would be done as the indentation on the back doesn't seem to lend itself to that.  May be hanging on some sort of nail or screw????   

I've tried displaying it on a free standing wire frame (below), the sort that plates are most probably displayed on, but as you can see, its not very safe as the piece is quite thick and would easily be knocked over.  Not too bad it I had an out of reach place to put it, but with three young grandchildren around most days, flat seems best, for the time being.

Its the nicest piece of glass that I've bought in a long time, and the colours are just glorious.

Well, here is a coincidence! One just like yours has turned up on It is stickered for Heaney Glass but apparently not signed as well, thus undermining my statement about the near-universal signatures.



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