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Iridescent dolphin plaque/tile. ID = Colin Heaney, Australia

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Anne E.B.:
Many thanks Trevor.  Much appreciated :-*
Its great that you can answer an enquiry 7 years later, and other members too.  That's the beauty of this forum.

I've been watching this with great interest.  :)
The only time I've seen anything remotely like this before was when I was dribbling over a museum display of unique Lalique iridescent tiles, on a wonderful day out with Christine.

Anne E.B.:
Playing football in a museum Sue :o.  ;) Tut tut ;D

Oh no, I never, ever chase after balls. I have more interesting things to do.
Like headering the glass cabinets.    ;D ;D ;D

Anne, here's another similar item on It is different again from yours and mine, but it does illustrate my point that there were several different designs of these wall plaques with ocean themes.



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