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Star with E etch mark Id. ID = Jan Eisenloeffel for Kristalunie Maastrich

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Vitrum Veteris:
You are brilliant!  Thank you for that.  Just arrived home and opened my email to read this.  Thank you for identifying this for me.

You can find the info on my website
(We are buying and selling a LOT of this pattern!)

Vitrum Veteris:
Thank you for your notification.

I have 5 of the larger glasses just over 6 inches tall and five of the smaller glasses 4 5/8 inches tall.  They all have the maker's mark underneath and they are all in the excellent condition you describe as a requirement for purchase.  Are you interested in purchasing these from me?  If so, what might you offer me if when you receive them they are to your satisfaction?  How would I go about this?

Thank you for your interest,

I will be in touch regarding my commission! 😉


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