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Extremely unusual Etling? sand-blasted? double gourd amber vase

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I came across an unusual vase, signed 'Etling France'. So unusual that my concerns were raised whether it is by Etling.

It is an amber, double gourd vase, apparently sandblasted with an abstract design, on a heavy round foot, about 25 cm high. It has an unfinished pontil mark and wheel-cut (or sandblasted?) signature. I have added some pictures here with express, written permission from Maxime Castillo of Galerie Maxime, Paris (

In discussions with Maxime he suggests the big foot of the vase is more the style of Degué or D'Avesn. We ruled out Schneider since it was thought too thick for Schneider, too heavy, and with Schneider it's acid etched. Nevertheless we both agreed that it is probably designed for Etling. We both thought: "Why sign it like that?"

However, there is  reason to be cautious. Has anyone seen anything similar attributed to Etling? I would love to have your thoughts. Thanks.


The Etling and France lettering on the base is not aligned properly. The letters are all over the place, they look as if they were put there randomly, one letter at a time.  ???

Anne Tique:
I haven't seen anything similar attributed to Etling but I think Muller Frères might be worth investigating.

Anne Tique:
It is not a very good example but there are a few more out there, they didn't do a lot of sandblasted decors.

Unfortunately Pinterest doesn't show any explanations anymore but I remember seeing this vase earlier this year.

Does anyone have the book by Benoît Tallot on Les Frères Muller? I don't yet have it in my library. I am wondering if there is more information in there.

Update 20 minutes later: just bought the book!


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