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Bimini Glass and the Politics of Survival - free copies

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Angela B:
I am very excited to tell you about my new book, Bimini Glass and the Politics of Survival.
I think its my best book yet, combining the beauty of Bimini Glass with the human interest story of Fritz Lampl and his family of artists who had to flee from the Nazis in Austria. They faced many traumas both in Austria and after they set up Bimini Glass in London during the war.
My co-author for this book is Raymond Berger, nephew of Fritz Lampl, and together we have spent the past 20 years researching the Bimini story and gathering pictures of Bimini glass. The book is a good read as well as a reference guide. And we do hope you enjoy it.

You can obtain it free for five days from July 30th to midnight on Saturday August 3rd. There's also a paperback book which you can buy from Amazon for only 16 pounds.

Please get your free copy. The book is entered for an Amazon storyteller competition and if we get enough good reviews it might be selected for making into a film.
I do hope you enjoy reading it.

Carolyn Preston:
Does it work if we order it from other Amazons (i.e., 'cuz I'm in Canada).


Angela B:
Yes it is supposed to work on any of the Amazon sites including Canada and
The link for Amazon Canada is
I do hope you enjoy reading it.
Best wishes

The link for Amazon Australia is

Two more days to download this for free, don't miss it!

Angela B:
Some people who have read the Bimini Glass book have found they can't upload their review of the book because Amazon told them they needed to have spent $50 in the past something months before they can write a review. That doesn't apply to books you have bought or downloaded free. Just go to the very last page of the book (past all the pictures and text about my other books) and slide past that page to the next page, which should say "Before you go....." and then invites you to review the book.
I know that will work if you are reading on a Kindle or on a laptop with a touch screen. I think it will work on an ordinary PC. I hope that works for you.


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