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Free Bimini Glass book and the possibility of it being made into a film!


This is your chance to obtain a free copy of Angela's new book about Bimini Glass and help Angela in a special way.

From 8am Tuesday BST until five days later you will be able to get a copy from Amazon entirely for free.   

Angela asks that, if you enjoy the book, please would you leave her a review for it - this is important, as it will promote the book much more, and the book is entered for an Amazon UK storyteller competition and if it gets enough good reviews it might be selected for making into a film.

There are 6667 of us members on the board - just think if we all left a review, where that would put the book in the ratings!  We can help make this happen!

See the entry in the Books Forum for more details about this fabulous new book.,68480.0.html

Carolyn Preston:
It would appear that only the Kindle version is available for free. And I have (living in Canada) a Kobo. And I prefer real books.  ;)


Is it available from any other source?
I boycott that monopoly.

Yes it's only the Kindle version that's free Carolyn.

Sue, no sorry it isn't available elsewhere.

There are ways to convert Kindle books to epub for Kobo if you have a Google or you could download the Kindle app to a phone or tablet Carolyn


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