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Heisey Water Jug.


Paul S.:
Apparently early pieces imitate cut glass which is exactly what I thought this one was at first - it's good at deceiving, and what looks at first glance to be cut panels and cut mitres are all illusory - it's just a very attractive piece of pressed glass.       
The underside may well have started life as a moulded multi-pointed star, but grinding and polishing the outer five eights of an inch of the base have sharpened the edges of the star - it now looks rather high class.

Came my way a year or so back, and I thought I'd already hunted the pattern down and seem to recall it was from somewhere in the mid '40s to mid '50s period, but now can't find my source. so confirmation of probable manufacturing date, from another member, would be appreciated.
The company trademark is embossed on the floor of the interior, and the information seems to be that this disappeared c. 1968 - so on the face of it this jug pre-dates that event.             Judging by the date on the inside, I'm assuming that this particular design/pattern was first Patented 24th March 1914 - hence the marks  PAT. 3/24/12 - does that sound correct - so a long life span, though I think the company has now gone.                Height is about 6 inches (c. 150 mm).
thanks for looking.

Pattern is ' Cross Lined Flute', pattern no. 451. Made in three sizes; quart, 3 pint and 1/2 gallon jug. Dates given of manufacture is 1914 to ca. 1930, except tumbler with was included in a 1913 price list and still being made after other pieces discontinued.

Source: HEISEY GLASS 1896-1957

Paul S.:
many thanks Cagney - appreciate this further information and correction which puts flesh on the bones and makes for a more interesting piece of glass.  :)

 Most welcome Paul. Don't spend much time on U.S.A. side,. Early stuff my passion.


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