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Val Saint Lambert vase

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Anne Tique:
Hello all,

I have recently bought this vase at auction. I am using the auction images as they have no copyright and their site has options attached to the images for FB, Pinterest and Instagram, so it is obvious to me that they're ok with people using their images. However, if this is frowned upon, then please let me know. The reason i am using these images is that i can't manage to get a proper image showing the reason for my question, as it is so shiny and my photos reflect more than that they show.

 It is a recent production from 1990 and i had been looking for one for ages. The modern or more recent pieces of VSL can be harder to find than earlier ones, due to the financial difficulties the company has experienced over the last 30 or so, and productions and series have therefor been more limited. In fact, besides the catalogue image, I had never seen this design before 'in the flesh', so to speak.

It is initially made of clear glass and has a thick black layer on top of that. The black glass is actually the deepest shade of amethyst, as VSL can't produce black. As you can see, it has this metal leaf, of some kind of metal,  that has a light iridescent effect on the top and 'shoulder' of the vase but is difficult to show. Towards the lower part it becomes more grey and beige.

So my question after this all is simple is there a name for this type of metal? I came across the term 'variegated' but I have the idea that this is just a general one.

Thanks ever so much for your thoughts.

It looks like sheets of silver leaf applied under the top layer to me

Looks like a very similar effect to the Isle of Wight "azurene" glass.

Anne Tique:
Thank you both for your replies. I can see the similarities with IOW Azurene. For VSL it is very unusual. I have contacted both VSL and the artist, Alfred Collard but none the wiser, AC still has to reply.

The top part is blueish and slightly iridescent, would this be a different metal then or still silver that changes colour during the process under heat?

Still the silver I think


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