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Val Saint Lambert vase

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If the silver has remained as silver metal on the surface of a piece and a casing has been applied - and the casing does not change the colour of the silver by adding more heat and causing a reaction with the hot glass, then bright shiney silver appearance will be "protected".
Keeping the heat low enough is what "protects" the silver foil from reactions and/or burning.

my computer is doing something very strange - I suspect it is translating me into and then back out of French.
The words I type are not the ones that appear.  ???

I've found a pic I have of two IoWSG Azurene Lollipops together. One is early, with the silver sometimes reacting, sometimes remaining as silver.
The other is much later, after the experiance had been gained to get it "right" and is also treated with Stannous chloride to give it iridesence.

Anne Tique:
So the answer was in the question.  8) Fascinating stuff.
Sorry to milk it, but does gold leaf  react in a similar way? . just out of interest

No. Gold is inert. A noble metal, which silver is not.
Silver is the god of metals when it comes to glass. ;D
It has all sorts of weird and wonderful reactions with it - it's a subject all on its own.
(one which rather inspires me - silver is the root of all the fabulous colours in Mdina.)

I did mean to say those lollipops have gold foil on too.
(and with this strange translation going on, you have turned into a Tick on my pc Anne!  :o)

Anne Tique:
Thank you Sue, very interesting indeed. After my Sam Herman pieces i'm looking very different at studio glass, and just for info, Alfred Collard and Herman have worked together at VSL.

Re your computer, you have a tablet or a laptop? You should have a language  option for your keyboard, pop-up or not.

I have a flat screen thingy, with a big black box beside it.
The big black box is smaller than my old grey one. There's another flat white thingy, with sticks poking up from it and some green lights, and a load of weirdly placed little holes in it.
I don't think it's a laptop OR a tablet. :)
It's not set up enough for me to find any "options". I wouldn't know what they were or what to do with them.

Silver was very much used in early Studio Glass, Anne. It was before the days of health and safety, they didn't know how dangerous it was to be breathing in silver gas fumes while working with it - and chlorine gas from the chloride.
I think a fair few of us suspect Michael Harris' death from emphysema might have been because of his exposure to this.


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