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Val Saint Lambert vase

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If the silver leaf gets overheated during application it "burns" blue and yellow rather than staying as silver metal - it reacts with the glass.
However, it can be an attractive feature. I know they tried to eliminate it at IoWSG, but I rather like it.
I do have a large IoWSG cylinder which had been going well - until they put the rim into the glory hole and burnt the top 3 inches blue in a complete 3" deep band around the top.
I rather prefer it random. But that piece is a clear demonstration of the silver metal burning; and of the where and how it happened. ;D

Anne Tique:
Thank you all  and Sue for your explanation, it is indeed blue and yellow at certain areas,  as you can see on the images. I didn't know silver changes colour. I do like it but would have done so either way. As it is catalogued like this it seems to have been done on purpose, or they kept making the same mistake  :D

I am struggling a bit with images just now - new pc and I can't do a thing with it.  ::) ;D
I have found an image which contains that cylinder with the top part burnt in the glory hole. It's at the back left of the bottom right shelf.  :)

Anne Tique:
Ah yes, spotted it. Quite a display  8)

Wow, Sue, that's a fabulous collection.  Love the platter on the top right shelf......First one I've seen.


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