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Anne Tique:
It happens regularly that I read  people having difficulties translating whatever it is, and experiencing this myself regularly, I came across this link and thought it might be helpful here too. Maybe it can be moved to a more accurate section here so it is easier for people to find it back.

With this link you can translate any site that you are visiting in a language one doesn't master,  in to the language of your choice. As they say it themselves, Google translates words literally, so some words or expressions might not completely make sense but it speeds the whole process  up anyway and it gives you a basic idea of what's said..

You copy the link of the site you're visiting into the box on the left, I have posted some images of translating the GMB into french. It automatically translates the link into a version in the language of your choice, and you're good to go. Just click on the new link you have created and the site comes up in a translated version.



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