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big vase Art Noveau? - ID = Andries Copier for Leerdam

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Hello again
I would like to ask for help with this big vase. My photos were to big,so I had to scale them heavy down and can only present this vase in peaces.

This is a hertiage from the parents or maybe even grandparents of my husband. The beauty is 32 cm high and at the biggest diameter 23 cm. Not so heavy one could expect for this sieze.

I donīt have a clou from where it might be, but from the movements of the horses Iīm pretty sure that this is art neuveau. Donīt ask me why, but i have the feeling from france. The family lived near Netherlands so that is a possibility as well. They had a lot of money, I think they never would have bought cheap things.

The overlay is very thin, that is the reason why the vase lookes at some points white spotted, the overlay is too thin at that. Sometimes I think that might be not an overlay, maybe a colour? The glass itself is not perfect, but that gives a dynamic to the horses. Hope you can see that on the pictures.

Do you have an idea?

I think this is coloured with a very, very fine layer of enamel - in a manner called flashing.
It would be described as flashed.
It has been cut or etched over that layer, removing all the enamel to leave the image behind.
This was something done in Bohemia, (vague, I know  ::) )  around the time you're talking about, and I'm sure the quality of the work is what is important when it comes to this genre.

And the quality of work on this is outstanding - I have not seen anything this good before.
It looks rather unique and very special. :)
I'm not sure that the horses mightn't be a little Deco rather than Nouveau though.
Just the feeling I get. Others might feel completely differently.  ;D

Hello Sue
Thank you, so this convinced me with my feeling that the overlay is too thin. I think flashed is what we call in Germany Beize or gebeizt. I thought flashing is a newer procedure.

Yes this vase  is outstanding .

I have a couple of Bohemian flashed bottles I inherited from my grandmother, who thought they were very precious because they were "old".  ;D

They are horrible quality, not worth anything. But I'm 62, my grandmother was born in the late 19th century. So I don't think his very fine layer of "flash" is very new.
She certainly had them long before I was born, and she thought they were old.
(She might have been wrong, she often was.)

I've been thinking there is something a bit Picasso-ish about your horses. His daughter, Paloma did glass design. She did some work for Villeroy and Boch, but I haven't found anything like your vase by her, so far.

That is a good view, now I know why I thought French. I heard a bell but could not say from where it comes. Picasso, Franz Marc(blaue Pferde) the engraving looks more then a painting. Thank you.

Still no idea from where it comes but the Picasso-isch is more worth.

Do you know how resistant this flashing is?


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