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The Pinterest board 'VSL - Misattributed - Not VSL' was very useful, but now contains no real information. Neither is there any reason for a newbie to know that this is a very well-researched page, since it sits among a lot of very poorly researched pages. Is there a way to retrieve the deleted information and host it somewhere else? Happy to offer my own site, but I guess that it might not be the most acceptable solution.

Anne, is there anything (else) that we can do to rectify the loss of your tremendous knowledge and work on this, and to keep VSL identification improving?

Anne Tique:
Hello Jay,

I have received quite a few messages about this. Unfortunately it is not my choice nor my doing, and to be honest I don't really understand the reasons behind it either. I have read it but don't get it. I do mention that people can contact me via Pinterest for any info on a piece if they like.

You're right in saying it doesn't contain any info anymore and it is years of work gone to waste. Especially the misattributed board proved to be helpful but so did the 'hidden abnormalities'. It is very easy to say something is not what somebody believes or hopes it to be, but I tried to back it up by showing what it was instead. It never has been an intention to catch somebody out, the page is just a collection of wrongly identified pieces with their correct attributions.

The info on each piece is still visible for just me when I 'edit' it, but I have been told  by people that even though they can't read descriptions or comments of my pins on a tablet, pc or laptop,  they can on a phone so they tell me, but I could not tell you why.

I've solved it. If you click the save button on a picture, you can see the information up to a certain number of characters. You don't actually have to save it though. It's clumsy but it works. All the information is also findable if you right click and choose inspect, though you might have to scroll but you do get it all.

Anne Tique:
Ah yes, unfortunately in some of my comments I keep rattling on so not everything shows up. I thought I could use the comments option otherwise, but you can't leave comments on your own pins  :-\

Not ideal for the moment ...

Anne Tique:
I think Pinterest got too many complaints, everything's getting back to normal.


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