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Murano Sommerso Uranium Glass Fish - ID = Vetreria Artigiana Aldo Bon

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I caught this 15" 2 1/2 pounder recently. Elsewhere I've had lots of advice as to who didn't make it but no positive ID. On first seeing it I thought Flavio Poli or Mandruzzato but I can't find anything similar. Has anyone got an idea? It is made up of dark green, light green uranium and clear glass.

I think this may be Formia Murano because of the way the eye and fins are formed and they did make Sommerso glass.

 :) I suspect it might be a nothern or southern whale dolphin.
The face and head are very dolphin-like and the northern and southern whale dolphins don't have dorsal fins.
The lack of dorsal fin confused me a bit, so I had to check if any dolphins don't have them - those ones don't. ;D

Thanks Sue, I don't think it's a dolphin because the tail is vertical not horizontal to the body and you can also see the bones of the fins. I can't be sure what type of fish it's supposed to be but it may be something in the tuna/mackerel family. Regards Nev.

 :-[ I should have stayed quiet!


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