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A "dodgy" signature on Lalique Gui vase ?


Hello All,

I have this white Gui vase with a very faint hand engraved signature. It only says "Lalique" in cursive letters, no initials or any other writing. I have found some info on fake green Gui Vases, but not for white ones.
However I am also aware that most examples of Gui carry a molded branding on the bottom and this one does not.

The signature seems to be too inconspicuous to be a fake. It is very difficult to see; for months I thought this vase was not signed....

Can anyone come up with an explanation ? Fake or real ? Maybe personally autographed by Mr. Lalique ? ;D ;D

Thank you !

It looks a lot like the one described as "current diamond point signature" on this site

Might be worth contacting them, or one of the other specialist sites, for more information.

Thank you. Yes, I'll do that.

But you are right, the signature is almost identical to the one identified as "current diamond point signature".
I wonder what they mean by "current". The Gui vase dates back to the 1920/30's; if this is really a current signature, how long has the Gui been produced for ??

Yes, exactly.  Checked on the Lalique site and it's not one of their current offerings - thought maybe they might have re-issued them as anniversary pieces, or similar.  Then thought you'd be better off asking a specialist - especially in light of the information about the green version.  Look forward to reading what you find out.


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