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Help with identification. Possible Crown Crystal Depression Glass

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Hi all, would love any help with the attached. I've searched the internet high and low. The closest I can find is a clear version and a green uranium version, both Crown Crystal but nothing in this colour. Any help would be appreciated

Paul S.:
Hi - welcome to the GMB :)   -    if you're saying that you can find the exact pattern in uranium and clear, then this would seem to suggest your piece must be Crown Crystal, although always possible the mould may have subsequently changed ownership  -  take it that this piece is fully mould-made.          Had a brief look at pieces from Crown Crystal and as you say this colour not shown, but it might be rare.             I like the colour  -  a sort of almost fiery orange.    Is the matte effect created by acid or sandblasting, do you know?

Depression glass has been very big with States collectors, but the U.K. appears not to have specifically produced glass described as such, and we tend currently not to see much States material on the GMB, and probably even less from Oz.
Have you tried other glass forums with this question?

Sorry to be negative  -  hopefully someone here might recognize your piece. :)       It won't help with attribution, but will be of interest if you will provide details of height.   thanks.

It looks like a sprayed on colour to me. I don't know if that is something Crown Crystal did. A base shot might be helpful

Edit. It looks like they did. I found several more items in this colour along with other colours that also appear spray painted

Hi everyone, thank you so much for the information.
I just measured the vase and it's 20cm high, 12cm wide at the top and 19cm wide at the base.
It appears possibly painted on the outside but it doesn't look like a home job. Any further guidance would be greatly appreciated. Photos of base added.

Sprayed on colour is a common commercial technique, so I reckon your vase is good


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