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Biggest donation ever to IOW Glass Museum


We are pleased to announce that Isle of Wight Museum of Glass has received its largest-ever donation of over six hundred pieces of glass. Long-time glass collector Roger Willsmer, 76, of Upminster, Essex, contacted us in mid-November 2019 offering almost his entire collection.

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There are too many gems in the collection to mention them all, but I will mention a few: 15 attenuated bottles, including two blue and white swirls bottles, one signed by Michael Harris; two large IOWSG 'New Forest' vases, one fumed (one of only two made); an experimental cameo vase by Jonathan Harris; a very rare Azurene inkwell with pewter top (see Mark Hill's book); I lost count of how many pieces were signed by Michael Harris; and an experimental tazza signed by Timothy Harris (very colourful). It goes on and on and on.

Getting the donation to the museum took a great deal of planning. It took a team of four, including Roger, a week to catalogue and pack it all. Perhaps in a year's time we will have properly displayed a substantial part of the collection.


That is fantastic news and such a kind donation by Roger.


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