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Plafonnier marked C.S.R

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CSR = Cristallerie de Saint-Remi seems a logical conclusion.

I found this:

--- Quote ---Pierre Girre (1901-1990) ... in 1926 ... create(d) his own designs at Cristallerie de Saint-Remi (Sevres) under the pseudonym, Pierre d' Avesn.
--- End quote ---

The link to Sevres also explains the link to Etling, as mentioned in my initial post. Some Etling designs where reproduced by Sevres after Etling had ceased trading.

However, I am somewhat confused by the statement on the Scottish Antiques site which says:

--- Quote ---Orreot was a brand name used by CSR.
--- End quote ---

Oreot (one 'r') exists and so does Oreor (apparently associated with Van Haeleweyck Frères, Brussels, Belgium), but not Orreot (two 'r's). Was this a typo? I am uncertain whether the vase referred to can be checked since it was sold by the dealer. Hartmann says Oreot is a French company making pressed glass vases since about 1920, but nothing more.

I will ask the dealer where this connection between CSR and the Orreot brand name came from.

I did a bit of research into Pierre d'Avesn, for future reference, which is in the post below this one, moved from the glass section yesterday, an interesting and excellent designer.

It is obviously a typo for Oreot in Belgium , see here :-

Yes indeed. The museum has the green lamp base furthest to the left at This web page says that only Oreor exists and not Oreot, as stated in Hartmann and Cappa. However, Hartmann includes a picture of the Oreot mark (see page 741). It is clearly Oreot and not a mistranscription of Oreor.

The assertion by Scottish Antiques that "Orreot [sic] was a brand name used by CSR" cannot yet be confirmed, but is not beyond possibility. If anyone has further information then please share it.

By the way, the museum also has a good collection of glass designed by Pierre d'Avesn, including a bowl depicting three fish (attached) said to have been made at Cristallerie de Saint-Remi.

This may help research on Pierre D'Avesn who worked for Lalique, Daum  Cristalleries de Choisy le Roi and  Cristalleries de St Remy.


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