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nuutajärvi from 1957 - but who....? = Jaakko Niemi

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can anyone guess who this is?
watch out it is rather a large photograph.

It looks like J. Niemi and I found a few results for Jaakko Niemi in Google in connection with art glass from that time frame.  One Finnish link actually mentios him as having been one of the master glass blowers in the Nuutajärvi Glassworks at the same time as Kaj Franck was designing for Nuutajärvi and that sometimes his (and other glass blowers') works are sold as Kaj Frank's designs.

Fantastic - this one had me puzzled for more than 10 years. A little googling allowed me to see other works from the same artist and I can confirm that the style is in keeping.  Loud round of applause for Tmaritta from me!!!!

Well spotted tmaritta. The word under Niemi, appears to be "lasinpuhaltaja"
The searches come back as the Finnish word for glass-blower.
What is the item, Ivo? a plate??? If so, the last word may be "protoje"....

Well you asked Ivo, but as I am a bit puzzled about your question, I'm going to comment anyhow.  Do you mean the words engraved on the glass below the signature?  Those are Nuutajärvi and below that Notsjö (which is the Swedish name of Nuutajärvi).  

Just to add to my previous note:  The finnish language source about Finnish (designer) glass collecting mentioned that Kaj Franck was reluctant to have his name engraved on his designs (the article referred to designs from the end of 60s), so sometimes they only bear the name of Nuutajärvi.  That has lead to designs by these three master glass blowers (lasinpuhaltaja) - Unto Suominen, Onni Nurminen and Jaakko Niemi - being offered as Kaj Franck's designs.


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