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Is this Krosno glass?

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Elaine Chapman:
Hi, I also have an etched piece of krosno, I was told that it was from the 70s/80s. Its certainly not as delicate as most of my krosno! It's quite large and amber in colour, very heavy!

Hi Elaine, welcome to the board. Could you post photos of your piece as a new topic please and we can look and try and confirm if it's Krosno or not for you? Many thanks.

Elaine Chapman:
Apologies.. I know that you said about a new topic, but couldn't work out how to do that on my phone! I have had enough trauma attempting to resize the images!

Hi Elaine, your images are too small. You don't need to make them thumbnail size, the board does that automatically for you. Your images need to be around 700 pixels on the longest edge and then save for web. We have a help topic about posting images here,34093.0.html, but if you get stuck you can email me your images and I'll resize them for you.

To start a new topic you go the index panel of the Glass forum and click the blue button top right that says New Topic.  I'll split your posts from here and my replies out of this one and move them to Glass for you.

Elaine Chapman:
Ive resized the images, probably still wrong! I'm no good at this!


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