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Black footed drinking glass, reg. design 830234.


Hi, thought this might be of interest. It is optic ribbed, 86mm tall, and acid stamped with ‘REG DESIGN 830234 MADE IN BELGIUM’. I’ve not managed to find another on the internet.

The reg. design number would be the British one wouldn’t it? I’ve not got the blue book but have looked on where there is a list of the design numbers but nothing for this number. The list has 830233 registered on 4 August 1938 so assume this design was registered close to that date? Does anyone know the maker? Thanks.

It's not in the Blue Book either.  You could ask for a lookup for the next time someone (usually Paul S) goes to Kew here,52152.0.html

Thanks for checking the book Anne, it would be interesting to know more details but I wouldn’t want to ask anyone to go to that much trouble :) Mike.

Paul may already have checked it, he has done a lot of work on the design registers already. Let's wait and see if he responds Mike.


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