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Flacon de parfum, marked France 539


Can anyone identify the maker of this perfume bottle? It is marked on the base FRANCE, with 539 below that. I have tried to get a good picture of the base, but it is extremely difficult. There isn't enough contrast. I am wondering if the number refers to a Choisy-le-roi catalogue number. The bottle measures about 19 cm tall and 10 cm at the widest point. The opalescent glass is quite thin, as you can see from the main picture. The design is Art Deco, but that doesn't necessarily mean it dates from 1930 or thereabout.

Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Sure I saw something like this on an antique programme recently and it was supposed to have been Sabino, might be worth looking in that direction ?  ;D ;D

Thanks for that. I don't have the Sabino catalogue by Philip Decelle to consult. It's one book that is hard to find at a sensible price. I would appreciate someone looking for me if they have a copy. Thank you.

MY PB is not listed on the Sabino Art Glass site:, but I can see some similar characteristics in the type of glass used, its thinness, and style of the base and collar of stopper.


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