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Is this a genuine Murano cat?


Hi everyone, could someone take a look at this for me and let me know if it genuine.  It does have a label of VR which I believe from trying to research it is the old Vecchui Murano label but I thought all Murano was signed and this one doesn't have a signature anywhere that I can find.  I usually collect ceramics but this item came with something else I bought but I really have no idea how to tell if it's real or not.   Thank you! 

Is the label like the attached? If so, it is possibly Vecchia Murano or Venier. Unfortunately, from my experience, most Murano glass is not signed and often no longer has a label. Photos of the base and the label would help. The Murano Zoo cats section is worth a look.
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Please can you show the label and also a base photo so we can help you further.


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