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Kralik or Rindskopf? Vases

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When I first saw these very colourful I thought straightaway they were Kralik but now I have my doubts. They are clear and yellow cased glass, 15cm. and 12cm. in height. I messaged one of the experts on Antiques Roadshow who had a pot like these for sale and he very kindly replied that after discussion with his friends at Bonhams the consensus was it was by Kralik. However the madforglass website has a couple of pieces with exactly the same coloured "feathers" which are attributed to Rindskopf. Again, any thoughts would be appreciated.

The pulled feathers are Rindskopf

They don't look remotely feathery to me.  ???
I have a feeling the colours are a bit too bright for Rindskopf and the glass looks too thick.
I don't feel I want to want to say Kralik either, but I'm not really up on these makers and am not aware of their entire output.  :-[

Not sure myself, especially as Craig has items made with the same technique described as Kralik here:

and Rindskopf here:

Some examples have decoration on the top others on the bottom.

I would hedge my bets towards Kralik though especially with the bright colours in yours Nev, way more 1930s than 1910. This green vase, again same technique, looks very Kralik like to me too, the differences here appear to be that the colours have been worked for a little longer mixing them more thoroughly and of course an iridescent finish - 20 years earlier surely?


Thanks everyone. To answer some of your points, both companies made very similar pulled feather vases but as Sue says they are usually more feathery, on mine the decoration is raised up to probably 2mm. in places. The website has a vase in a very similar yellow with the same red decoration, no. 38 in the Rindskopf section. How they came to this attribution I don't know. John, I think the green vase could also just as well be Rindskopf but we may never know. I love the way this Czech glass raises all sorts of questions.


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