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Hortensja Bowl Misidentified As Stoelzle

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There is a lot of this glass pattern (as well as Stolle Niemen bowls) online which are identified and sold as  Hermanova Stoelzle. Pamela on presglass-pavillon among others says they are by Hortensja, Poland. Another website says this bowl is in the Hermanova section of Marcus Newhall's CD but it isn't, unless I've missed it, although there are a couple of pieces with similar vertical lines. Mine is 28cm. long,  in uranium glass and was originally hand painted with flowers which very easily came off when I washed it. The spoon and fork came with it and are by Stoelzle part nos. 19253/4. and this initially made me also think the bowl was Stoelzle.

It is possible that this is Hortensja's bowl but as far as I recall they had the patterns engraved not painted but again, I may not know everything. Too bad the glassworks is non-existent anymore.

The history of "Hortensja" goes back to the 19th century. The glassworks was established in the buildings of the former starch mill and candy syrup plant - in 1889 the production of window glass and bottles started in the "Anna" glassworks.

Later, the plant became the property of the Belgian Joint Stock Company under the name "Industrial and Commercial Joint Stock Company of Emil Haebler's Former Enterprises", which also included "Kara" from Piotrkˇw.
Over time, "Hortensja" became an important manufacturer of cylinders for kerosene lamps, window glass, and then blowing glass in the art deco style, among others, vases, vases, confectioneries, salads or carafe.

The glassworks, which in the 1970s employed over 2000 people, did not survive the period of economic transformation - the plant, despite being transformed into a company wholly owned by the State Treasury, ceased to exist in the 1990s.

Thanks for the information CharlieBrown. From the identification I've found online I'm sure it is a Hortensja bowl. I think the painting that was on it was added later, here is a picture of a "tumble up" jug and glass I have with similar decoration to show what it was like.

Just found this post. I have this design down as St÷lzle, based on an oval bowl and cheese dish in the catalogue that seem to be in this pattern, but it's hard to be sure just from the drawings. See page 7 of the catalogue, pattern numbers 18955 and 18948. Same three vertical lines with the middle one being longer, curved lines around the outside, and edge "lip". Would be nice to see these "in the flesh" to see if the curved lines form the same "eye" pattern as your bowl.

I haven't been able to find this pattern in the Hortensja catalogue shown here. Is there another catalogue available somewhere?

Here's a few more examples for reference:

Vase 1, Vase 2, Vase 3, Creamer, Bowl 1, Bowl 2, Plate

The pieces with the arch foot are definitely Stolzle but I think 20thcenturyglass have (in my opinion) got the ID wrong for the bowl 1 and the plate. It looks like bowl 2 has four vertical lines not three, Stolzle may have "borrowed" and adapted the design. Pamela on pressglas-pavillon has them attributed to Hortensja. The Hortensja catalogue you show is from 1970 and probably too late for this design, I don't know if an earlier one is available, I'm always on the lookout!


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