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Hortensja Bowl Misidentified As Stoelzle

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NevB, did you mean this eBay listing:

From the eBay photos, the "eye" pattern is clearly shown but I see no "arched foot" [as seen in Wayne's earlier images in this thread].


KevinH, there's a deep, arched foot bowl with the heading starting " Elegant Stolzle Czech classic art deco". for sale at 30.

Ah! It was unsold and is relisted:

Second photo in that listing does show the "eye pattern" - but just half of it. Also, I was looking at shallow bowls / dishes rather than the tall / deep variety :)

Here is a vase I've just bought, like the one in the previous photo which is usually attributed to Hermanova Stolzle pre 1958 but it doesn't appear in the catalogue I've seen. It has a similar but not quite the same "eye" design when viewed from above.

NevB:,69959.0.html I thought I'd add this link to a new post just to complicate things a little ;D.


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