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Hortensja Bowl Misidentified As Stoelzle

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I think 20thcenturyglass took their ID from the Stolzle pre 1958 catalogue which you mentioned, but I think it's a bit tenuous.

The creamer with the arched foot, and the sugar bowl (bowl 1) came together as I recall. They are shown together in the final picture on the creamer page. Bowl 2 has 3 lines not 4, but I think the seam down the middle is creating a bit of an optical illusion. If you look at the second picture, at the pattern on the far side of the bowl, the 3 lines are quite clear.

I'm pretty sure all these are the same design pattern, and Stölzle seems most likely to me, based on the pre 1958 catalogue. I guess it is quite possible Hortensja produced the same design - looking in the 1970 catalogue I see some designs very similar if not identical to other makers, including Brockwitz of Germany and even Boda of Sweden. I trust Pamela's judgement, but it would be interesting to know where the ID for Hortensja came from.

The Sklo Union CD pattern numbers 18955/18738 Flower Trough/Vase and 18948 Cheese/Butter Dish certainly look like the same pattern as NevB's Bowl, I am also curious where Pamela's ID came from.

I have got permission from the seller to reproduce these images of a bowl which is on Ebay under "stolzle glass". It shows the Stolzle 18955 bowl and frog, although the size is slightly different, and as you can see doesn't have the "eye" design.

There is now a blue bowl on ebay (stolzle glass) with the arched foot and what seems to be the "eye" design ???


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